Friday, December 12, 2008

Good people never realize they are good huh?

So I've been frustrated for a while now about this "issue" my husband is struggling with. Nearly every week he gets into a really bad mood by Thursday/Friday. He is really struggling with the transition to being in Iowa. I feel awful for him. He basically can't stand the fact that he went from having a great paying job with a lot of responsibilities to being a "helper" here in Iowa. No matter how much I tell him its temporary or remind him that NO ONE gives up what he gave up in order to take care of his future child. I mean seriously- his former employer didn't even believe him when he told them he was leaving his job for NO JOB just to make sure that I had someone nearby to take care of me as our due date got nearer. People don't do why does he feel like he didn't work hard enough? 

It makes me feel so bad because I can't say or do anything to make him feel better. I wish he would realize what a great person he is for giving up all that he has but it isn't enough for him...he wants to do MORE for his family. I don't know what more he could do! 

Anyway- I know that his situation is temporary and eventually he will either get a job he likes or start grad school but in the meantime I wish he could find happiness in this crazy situation that we are in at the moment. He doesn't deserve to be unhappy right now! 

Monday, November 24, 2008

Its official...

I am having a baby..soon. LOL! 

I've been feeling really sick the past week or so- like the flu but not really..just the aches and pains and tiredness. Today we confirmed that Avery has dropped and according to our midwife..her head is "wayyyy down there". There's been a few other pre-pre-labor symptoms too so I'm not able to leave town. Yay..sort of. 

We toured the maternity ward last night so that Stephen would know how to get around. I started getting sweaty palms and almost cried...I guess you could say I started to get scared. 

Anyway, the midwife said I'm doing what I need to be doing to have the baby very soon. 

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Time Flies!

Man- I cannot believe it is November 13th already! This past year has FLOWN by. There are times when I really appreciate the time flying but then there are times when it scares me. I don't feel old or anything but I just don't want time to continually "speed up" as I get older. I have so many things that I want to get done but I can't seem to find the time. I know we all feel like that all the time. Its just aggravating as I work from home and you would think I would have more time to do all that stuff...but sadly, I don't. 

There just always seems to be something that interrupts my "to do list". For instance, yesterday I had planned on only doing one thing after I finished my work for the day but I got interrupted with 2 light bulbs burning out, running out of milk and needing to get more Tums. So that seems like it would just take 20 minutes but it ended up taking 3 hours.  Why? Well- because I can't just go to the store. I have to pick up everything that I had on my list from previous "to do lists" and  I always have to shop the clearance stuff..because "I'm already there". Anyway- having an endless list of "to do's" is probably a good sign that you are making the most of your time but I just wonder what else I could be doing if I didn't task myself with so much piddly junk. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Whatever happened to loyalty?

First of all, check out my cute little Frenchie Brock in his kimono! 

I have been taking care of this little pup all by myself for about 19 weeks now. (He was 8 weeks when I got him). I spoil the heck out of him. He has his own MATCHING basket in the living room for all of his toys, he has a dresser drawer of clothes and extra chew treats, he has several different shirts and sweaters, he has 4 beds and gets to go for 3 walks a day. I am his sole provider, spoiler and companion. This is all true until my husband comes home for the weekend. All he does is rough house with him and take him for his walks...and sometimes remembers to feed him. WHY oh WHY does my little dog like him so much better than me? 

See the second picture- that is Brock in MY bed...sleeping on MY pregnancy pillow. Only my husband would let him sleep there. 

Anyway- the point of the loyalty thing is this...recently we have been trusting Brock to sleep in one of his (4) beds next to our bed. Normally he goes in his kennel because he is only 27 weeks old and you just never know! It worked out fine this weekend. His bed was on my husband's side of the bed so he could check on him throughout the night. Brock never moved until about 7:30am. 

Well my husband went home for the week and I moved Brock's bed to my side so I could watch him. 

What did he do last night? He DRUG his bed all the way over to Stephen's side and got in it and started snoring. What gives? 

I thought dog's were the best LOYAL companion in the world. Whatever...maybe I should forget to feed him once in a while to see if he realizes how much he needs me!?!?! 

Just kidding...I could never do that...I'm too good at spoiling him even though he doesn't spoil me back. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Design of Pregnancy

Sorry- I have yet another blog about pregnancy :) 

If a person were to really think about all that goes on during the 10 months of pregnancy he or she would realize just how intelligently it was designed.  First of all- its a long time but so much happens. Everyone already realizes how miraculous the process is in that it creates an entire new life. On the other side of that is what the mother goes through. 

Ten months is an extremely long time to be uncomfortable and feel like your body is the subject of a major science experiment. The good thing is- there are so many really annoying uncomfortable/painful things that happen to you that you don't have time to be scared of labor. UNTIL- it gets closer and closer. Personally, I wasn't even thinking about it that much until I realized that the bigger you get and the more uncomfortable you are on a daily basis- the lower your threshold of pain becomes. Stubbing your toe pre-pregnancy was something you just shouted about. Now- at 6.5 months pregnant- it makes you cry because you sit down and say, first I woke up with achey teeth from pregnancy gingivitis, I hardly slept, I pulled my back when I got out of the chair, my stomach feels like it is on fire from heart burn and NOW THIS?!?! Then you cry. HA HA! It sounds funny but its not. So I've heard that because of all the prior discomfort labor is a relief. I'm sure at the end it is but I think the moments it begins happening may be frightening. If I had to give birth during my first 3 months it wouldn't be so bad. My normal pain tolerance would be present and I would be able to move like a normal human. So far at 6.5 months along- I have no doubt that I will cry and be incapable of moving myself around. 

Anyway- the other great thing about the design of labor- is that you are awaiting the arrival of a person you've never met and she is going to be a lot like you or the dad. Either way- it is crazy! I guess focusing on that aspect is all you have left when everything else isn't going your way and you are sitting on the floor crying because you tried to put your socks on and pulled 7 muscles in weird places. Would 911 charge me to call them for a lift off the floor? 

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Traded My Name In!

I don't even know what to say first! This weekend was great. I am so happy to have visited my friends at their new home in Indiana. As if seeing the two coolest people ever wasn't enough- I also traded my last name in. Yup- Stephen and I got married and I couldn't be happier. It's pretty crazy the way things in life line up. It is so clear that "chance" or "fate" have nothing to do with it. Fate could not be so perfect as to put things in my life the way that they have been placed over the past 9 is clearly God at work around me and my new family. 

I feel really blessed to not only have the couple I look up to the most be present at my wedding, but to actually be married by one of them. Both my husband and I could not have asked for a better day to solidify our commitment to each other. 


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Funny Stuff...

So on the news today they showed this new site called Year Book Yourself. I went on it and almost wet my pants laughing so hard. Maybe most of you wont find it that funny but it is worth putting your picture in and trying it out. Make sure you move the picture around after you get your results- you will know what I'm talking about when you try it. Here's Stephen from 1976 

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Low Fat Diet

I didn't think my entire Blog would turn into a pregnancy only discussion but CRAP! I just had my 23 week prenatal appointment and I gained 10 pounds in ONE month. What the CRAP!!?! So I cried. A normal person should gain a little less than one pound per week throughout the entire pregnancy. This equates to about 25-35 pounds of weight gain before delivery. Yup- well I've already added 37 pounds or so and I just hit the half-way mark 3 weeks ago. If I continue to gain about 1 pound per week then I will be looking at a total weight gain of 54 LBS! UGH. I know I haven't been as active as normal but it is really hard to 1)stay awake 2)find my inner drive to move 3)breathe 4)move my legs due to all the excess weight I'm carrying around 5)move due to all the muscle pains I get to experience as the baby grows. 

Anyway- It is really tough to be one of "those" people that pretty much weighs 125-133 all the time no matter what they do...and then be told by a Dr. that I should switch to a low-fat diet. Did I mention I cried? Mostly before he said that but then after he said that I obsessed over it for another 33 hours and counting... 

What adds to this is that pregnancy hormones already make me have girlie sad feelings more often than normal and I was already a little bit uncomfortable with the new shape of my body. Yeah- so I have a lot more respect for pregnant women out there knowing now what emotions and experiences take place. 

P.S. Don't ever respond to a pregnant woman's complaints with, "Yeah, but you'll soon have a baby!" or "It will all be worth it!" or "Just imagine how cute your baby will be". I know this may be hard to accept but those type of "reassurances" wear off after about the 15th week.... Why do they wear off? Because by then the woman has given up every comforting thing she ever enjoyed whether it be food, drink, clothes or activities and nearly every normal movement causes some sort of pain or discomfort. So yeah- I know that the day I have Avery I will be like- yay it is over I'm glad you are here- but from now until then- there is no way in the world that I am comforted by the thought of a cute, amazing little baby while I use handicap rails to get myself around. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pregnancy hormones=bipolar

I know I'm not licensed in psychology or anything but I think the 8 years of studying it should qualify me to diagnose myself. Right? 

So yesterday (as my blog supports) I felt perfectly happy. Probably happier than I had felt in a long time. Today I woke up fine but as the day progressed I nearly felt depressed. I know I'm not depressed as I have been reading about the pregnancy mood-swings. I just haven't experienced them until recently. Let me tell you something about mood-swings...they are NO joke. I never imagined they would be this severe. Nothing makes a person go from super happy to incredibly sad within 24 hours except bi-polar disorder...and now of course I can say pregnancy falls into that category too. Man...I just can't wait to be myself again. 

I've literally spent the day thinking that life is going in completely the wrong direction and nothing is working out in a positive manner. We'll see what tomorrow brings...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

You know what is good?

A dog, a cup of tea, a good magazine and the hint of fall in the air. Maybe I'm crazy but today felt like fall was finally on its way. Since I moved into my new home this has been the first day cool enough to open the windows. My lazy pup Brock is have sleeping slash dazing off out the window next to me on the couch while I read a magazine and drink some tea. I love the magazine "Fit Pregnancy". It hasn't really helped me stay fit because it gives me an excuse to sit on the couch some more but the articles are informative and its talking about fall. What more could I want? 

In case you didn't know it my favorite time of the year is fall. I can't say that I would want it to be fall year-round because I love the transition. There are moments in the end of summer that you can tell fall is just waiting to poke through. Those are the days I love. Why fall? The weather is perfect, I love football and MARCHING BAND!!! Oh and Pumpkin Spice lattes, leaves and all the colors. You might think I'm crazy but I'd love to have a Halloween-themed baby shower. HA HA! Oh well, I'll settle for soup and pumpkin spiced coffee instead. How's that sound?