Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Design of Pregnancy

Sorry- I have yet another blog about pregnancy :) 

If a person were to really think about all that goes on during the 10 months of pregnancy he or she would realize just how intelligently it was designed.  First of all- its a long time but so much happens. Everyone already realizes how miraculous the process is in that it creates an entire new life. On the other side of that is what the mother goes through. 

Ten months is an extremely long time to be uncomfortable and feel like your body is the subject of a major science experiment. The good thing is- there are so many really annoying uncomfortable/painful things that happen to you that you don't have time to be scared of labor. UNTIL- it gets closer and closer. Personally, I wasn't even thinking about it that much until I realized that the bigger you get and the more uncomfortable you are on a daily basis- the lower your threshold of pain becomes. Stubbing your toe pre-pregnancy was something you just shouted about. Now- at 6.5 months pregnant- it makes you cry because you sit down and say, first I woke up with achey teeth from pregnancy gingivitis, I hardly slept, I pulled my back when I got out of the chair, my stomach feels like it is on fire from heart burn and NOW THIS?!?! Then you cry. HA HA! It sounds funny but its not. So I've heard that because of all the prior discomfort labor is a relief. I'm sure at the end it is but I think the moments it begins happening may be frightening. If I had to give birth during my first 3 months it wouldn't be so bad. My normal pain tolerance would be present and I would be able to move like a normal human. So far at 6.5 months along- I have no doubt that I will cry and be incapable of moving myself around. 

Anyway- the other great thing about the design of labor- is that you are awaiting the arrival of a person you've never met and she is going to be a lot like you or the dad. Either way- it is crazy! I guess focusing on that aspect is all you have left when everything else isn't going your way and you are sitting on the floor crying because you tried to put your socks on and pulled 7 muscles in weird places. Would 911 charge me to call them for a lift off the floor? 

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Traded My Name In!

I don't even know what to say first! This weekend was great. I am so happy to have visited my friends at their new home in Indiana. As if seeing the two coolest people ever wasn't enough- I also traded my last name in. Yup- Stephen and I got married and I couldn't be happier. It's pretty crazy the way things in life line up. It is so clear that "chance" or "fate" have nothing to do with it. Fate could not be so perfect as to put things in my life the way that they have been placed over the past 9 is clearly God at work around me and my new family. 

I feel really blessed to not only have the couple I look up to the most be present at my wedding, but to actually be married by one of them. Both my husband and I could not have asked for a better day to solidify our commitment to each other.