Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Brock, B-Rock, Brock-lee, BuhBuh, Brotha Brock

I haven't hurt like this since my Grandma passed away 3 years ago. And it is "just" a dog! I feel so many things right now. I'm angry at myself for buying a dog from Petland- when I knew it was a bad idea. The damn cute puppy face sucked me in. Why did I think Brock would be different from all the stories you hear about Petland? DUMB!

I'm so mad at Petland's new owners and the old owners. I don't understand how it is legal to sell an animal with a "Petland Warranty" but then deny someone the warranty because of "new ownership". My warranty only says "Petland Warranty" NOT "Petland Owned by Tim Mohrfeld warranty". {Oh and by the way, the former Assistant Manager, then General Manager is NOW the "new" owner of Petland. So guess what? He's just as guilty as the previous owner and management team. Remember The Holocaust? Stanley Milgram's study on obedience...especially when it conflicts with your morals? Yeah- just because you weren't the owner before...you still dod the deed when you were the Asst. Manager and General Manger. Also, by the way, I have your card where you crossed off "Asst. Manager" and wrote "General Manager". The best part...when I first came into the store in tears because my dog was extremely ill 5 days after taking him home- the Asst. Manager is the person that sent me home stating nothing can be done about my dog being sick. Now when I went into the store the guy doesn't even recognize me and acts as if he spied on Tim Mohrfeld and helped put him away. Yeah- I don't believe you!}

Anyway this is about Brock...not Petland really. He didn't choose to be in any of the situations he is in. I didn't choose to have an amazing dog that is too sick for me to care for. I now feel as if I am one of "those" irresponsible owners that give their dog up after realizing how much time and money it takes to care for the pet. I really did expect to spend some money on him...but thousands...and I literally mean THOUSANDS in 15 months is more than any person can expect. With a pedigree touting "champions" in the bloodline and reputable, small breeder, one would never expect to have a dog with so many health problems from birth. A bit of allergies may be expected in this breed- but Brock has yet to be normal as long as I have known him.

I miss him to death already. I know he wont be eating for a few days out of stress and sadness. He always mopes around the house after we board him. My living room looks funny without his stuff in it. It seems strange not to hear his snorting and crazy loud breathing. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with myself without him.

I know one thing for sure- I will be joining the ranks of many people coming after Petland and their poor policies. Thanks for offering me a free dog to get me off your back...but that isn't going to take away the pain of losing my companion. I worked hard to get him to be a lifelong pet...and for what? A great deal of regret because I spent as much on him as normal people spend paying on a really nice car in one year? The feeling that I should never be allowed a pet again because I gave one up? Extreme sadness for abandoning my dog...and knowing that he is going to be sad?

I just hope he can get better and will be put into a home that loves him as much as we love him.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Poor Brock


It is so sad for me to write this but it truly is time for Brock, our French Bulldog, to hopefully find a new home. After many many nights and days of pondering, arguing and stressing we have decided that we really cannot keep him with us. As many of you know, he has severe allergies. The good shelters are full and I honestly can't bear to just drop him off. Please let me know if you know of anyone that understands Brock's cost and is interested in taking him in. We do not know what else to do at this point. He is as healthy as he is ever going to get. With a new baby and plans for another one in the future he is not getting the care he deserves and in the past two months we have spent a total of $1000. While these were one time charges to help get him fixed up we just can't have a dog that requires so much special treatment while our daughter is beginning to get around the house on her own. Even though the past 3 months have been complete hell for our family in trying to give him medication and deal with all of the symptoms of his allergies, he is doing extremely well. We have been tempted to keep him but we feel we have decided as a family that if he were to incur more costs in the future that we could not justify them with a new baby to provide for as well. We do realize we are one of "those" selfish dog owners that got themselves into a mess. We have tried to go after Petland for forging Brock's pedigree but we have not gotten anywhere with that. He most likely is the result of inbreeding and may have future health problems that no one can predict.

His allergy medicine is $98 per 30 days
His food is $57 for about 3-5 weeks depending
Shampoo for minimizing his bacteria/yeast from itching is $37 every 3 months or so...

He also has folliculitis right now and requires antibiotics and a steroid (these are about $25 for the dosage).
At his next birthday he can have an allergy test done ($250) to determine exactly (hopefully) what he is allergic to.
His allergies may be under control with Atopica/$98 med but we can't tell due to the folliculitis.
There may be cheaper medications to try that will help but we were just trying to get him stabilized before switching medications again.

I know this is a total shot in the dark because of his cost and problems. I can happily report that the only true signs he has now are constant scratching and he is losing quite a bit of hair every day....but he doesn't have any bald patches anymore. He is able to eat the prescription diet now and hasn't had any problems with it. He is an extremely social dog that gets along with all sizes of kids and animals. He does need a refresher course in obedience as he has gotten a little more rambunctious these days.

He is an INDOOR dog, neutered and has a great relationship with the Jordan Creek Animal Hospital vet, Pam Erdman. Here are a few photos below.
I'm sorry for rambling. I have wanted to stop writing and delete the email so many times but his expense and time requirements are causing too much conflict in our home. Thank you for your time,

The Harding Family