Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Moving, Moving, Moving

I hate moving. I know everyone probably does, but I have serious issues with it. We moved far too many times when I was a kid and it really stunk. I was always the new girl and we always moved just as I was finding friends and feeling normal. Looking back, I can hardly remember where we lived and when...I have to list it going from current day backwards. I do remember crying myself to sleep the first night after school ended or in the car on the road to the next place we were living. It doesn't take much to remember exactly how I felt in those moments.

After high school I moved in and out of houses during college and graduate school--but I pretty much stayed around the same group of friends. Some of them moved away about the time that I "settled down" with marriage and a baby. That was tough. It was even tougher packing up and leaving my first official home...the one where my husband and both of our children lived.

Despite hating the town we live in now--I am not looking forward to moving this winter. I have made some friends that I enjoy but my biggest concern is how my oldest Munchkin is going to handle it all. I have yet to tell her we are moving. She still talks about her Iowa friends like we are going to see them randomly at the park some Saturday morning...and it just breaks my heart. Only in the recent few months have we really established a good group of friends for her here in North Carolina. And here we are...preparing to move. I'm putting my kids into a position that I hated the most from my own childhood. I know we have this move and at least one more before we will be able to settle down again.   This move is for all good reasons and actually to an area we will likely enjoy more than where we are now. I just don't want my Munchkin to be the new girl and I don't want her to miss her friends. I really hope she is too young to feel the feelings I recall having but I don't think that will be the case. She has such a big heart and picks certain people that she never lets go of...and boy does she have a memory! She still thinks her Iowa friend's house is just behind the gas station here and she expects to see her two adult friends at church...she really wants to know why they don't come anymore! Now that she's older, I'm sure her logic is going to make a big difference in how this change impacts her. I'm praying for strength in maintaining my composure in helping her through this process. I hope to keep it positive for her as we really will enjoy the new location.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tog+Porter #4 Yay for Fall!

Can I tell you a secret? When I get my Tog+Porter box I let nothing get in the way of opening it. Seriously- I burned oatmeal rummaging through this box...who burns oatmeal? Sadly, I had to wait almost 24 hours to actually try anything on!

We almost didn't have time to take photos this weekend so I apologize for looking like I just woke up--but I had just woken up and is pretty obvious. :)

Overall this was a great box. I don't hate anything and besides the jeans, I could see myself wearing all of it. I'm mulling over the rust tunic and the belted sweater--so weigh in heavily on those! This may be my last box until we get settled in Virginia in December. Maybe...I may try to squeeze one more in between now and then since it IS fall and I do need to replace my maternity fall clothes with normal clothes.
Items 1, 2 and 3. 
Item #4 and #5

I'm keeping everything from this look--Items: #1 Girly Solid Scarf Dark Teal $19, #2 Alternative Apparel Diane V Tunic $39, #3 Downeast Basics Long Love Maxi $43 (I have the black one that looks just like this from box #1). 

 I have no idea how to wear a scarf...the funny look on my face was because Stephen was giving me a hard time. He could not figure out why it was so hard to put on a scarf. The skirt can be worn as a dress--I think? It has the bandeau top thing so I wear the black one like that. I have been wanting a teal scarf so I'm happy one arrived. The t-shirt is pretty basic but it has a little bit of detail in it. I like the fabric and obviously this is one of my favorite brands Tog+Porter has been sending me.

Item #4 Downeast Basics Coming Home Tunic $42 and #5 Level99 Chloe Boot Cut Reign $119. 
There is something about this tunic. I like putting it on and feeling like I can bend over and not worry about my shirt going up or my nursing pads flying out. But, my husband says he hates the color on me and the print and the cut. So what do you all think? I'm wondering if this thing is to be worn with leggings and/or a belt? I paired it with the jeans Emily sent to try. The jeans are a definite no. They don't pass the bend over test. They are not super low rise but they are low enough that I would be worrying about crack exposure. Also, the rise doesn't flatter my postpartum body. So sad, because they do flatter my bum (not pictured).

Item #6 
Item #6 Downeast Basics Day Sweater $53 paired with the same t-shirt and jeans from above. I really wanted to love this one. It is the belted sweater I have been waiting for BUT it has 3/4 length sleeves that are slightly oversized. They are supposed to be...kind of flowy or something. They also have a hood and pockets. I love the way it feels--it is very lightweight and it has an awesome button in the back to keep the belt attached. I'm sure I would wear it if I kept it but I would still be on the look out for *the* belted sweater that I am dreaming of. Also, we are moving to a place that has a real winter so I need the other 1/4 of a sleeve! This would be the best sweater for North Carolina though!
Side view

Item #7 

Item #7 Splendid Thermal Maxi $98 This item is super soft and feels good to wear. I'm not so sure about the darkness of it as I am tan now (for me) and will be ghostly white in a month or two. My husband doesn't like it because of the color and he said I for sure need a necklace or else I look like I'm wearing pajamas. This one is looking like a no...what do you think? 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

StitchFix #4--Oops, I did it again?

Somehow a 4th Fix arrived. I guess I didn't cancel appropriately or something--but I thought it was a "click to order" program.

Oh well, I actually found a few things I may keep!

Let me know what you think!

Item #1 MM Couture Dress: Day to night Lani One Shoulder Mosaic Dress $95. I kind of like this one but what do you think about it as far as being my style?

Item #1
Item #2
Item #2 Viereck Dress: Cocktail Dress Moretti Flutter Sleeve Layer Dress $132
Boy this one is fun to put on and for about 10 seconds I felt super hot...even with the extra flappy stuff going on. I am wearing shorts in this just because I'm not tan...I think with tights I could actually wear this short thing! But I'm not keeping it--I don't really have any cocktail parties to attend.
Item #2 Another view
Item #3

 Item #3 Tulle Top: Cami/Tank Raleigh Double layer printed tank $50 Same brand as a top I kept from my Tog+Porter box. I think I may keep it- what do you think? They also sent a Item #4 Tulle bandeau that I LOVE. I have been needing a strapless/racerback option and I really found this one affordable and comfortable for $30. No picture of course! Tulle is a designer I may have to go find and see what else I may like!
Item #5

Item #5 Lucca Couture Top: Sweater Kiernan Long Sleeve Loose Sweater $75. I realize this is supposed to be loose but I feel like it is super wide and awkward to wear. It fits like a football jersey. Perhaps if it were mulleted or something I'd like it. I also don't like the pattern. Ick...