Sunday, November 4, 2012

Tog + Porter Box...5?

I've lost track of how many boxes I have received...I think this one is number five!

This box came the morning before our double birthday party for the girls. It was really hard not to open it and check it out so I peeked. This is what I saw.

I didn't have time to try anything on at the moment. I did smell an absolutely crazy plastic smell coming from the box. A few hours later a friend was over and insisted I figure out what it was! It was the boots! I did try them on but I wouldn't buy them based on the smell alone. Luckily- they are far too tight anyway. They were pretty cute but my husband bought me a pair of Merrell boots for Christmas...a bit early.

Item #1 Silver ZigZag Necklace 
Item #1 "Rachel Rider2 Boots" $89 I couldn't figure out what brand they were or what material. I didn't look too terribly hard as the smell was really strong. I'm guessing they are synthetic. They were low heel and really high up the lower leg. I may have liked them.

Item #2 Silver ZigZag Necklace $27 I didn't really put this on with anything but I love it so I will keep it. You can see it in this box photo to the left. It is nice and long.

Item #3 Opera Skinny Belt in Purple $21 paired with my white tunic from Alternative Apparel from Box 4 and some Textured Leggings $26 I love the leggings! They are thick and soft. I'm not sure what I have to wear them with just yet but I am sure they are a "go to" piece for fall and winter. I just threw them on with the tunic and the skinny belt and my boots. I have no idea if this is what I am to do with them. I will find out when I Skype with my stylist.
Items 3 and 4 Belt and Leggings
Item 5 Chevron Belt
Item #5 Chevron Waist Belt $21 I have no idea how to wear this one yet. It looks like it may match some of the other pieces I have purchased but I will have to learn how to wear it.

Item #6 Press Elbow Patch Sweater in Moss $83, Item #7 Nine PLanet Skinny in Bordo $69 and Item #8 Bauble necklace in dark green $27 

This is my favorite look so far from all my boxes--closely rivaling the maxi dress from Box 3  The only bad part- is that I am totally squeezed into those skinny pants...and not in a comfortable way! I'm hoping to figure out my size in these and get some in various colors. I have not found a skinny pant that wasn't extremely short in length or extremely long- these are *just right*. They are more low rise than I like to there is a chance that even in the next size up these wont be a flattering cut...but we shall see. I forgot to take a photo of the cute elbow patches! There is also a nice little detail stitching in the center on the chest- so it isn't the plain manly sweater it looks to be in the photo. The bauble necklace is gold and green- I don't love gold but I think it will help dress up this sweater and possibly others that I already own...have to ask Emily what colors to wear it with!

This is my last box until at least January. I am going to go cry now because I LOVE this service.

Hope you all tune in at the start of 2013...