Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tog+Porter Box #6

After a few months of CrossFit at Tacoma Strength I decided to get back in touch with my stylist, Emily at Tog+Porter. I really enjoyed my monthly boxes but our cross country travels left us without a solid address up until recently...and we are moving yet again! Oy! If you have no idea what I am talking about- you can read my original write-up on Tog+Porter here.

Anyway- CrossFit has changed my body shape...he he he. Sorta. So don't make any rude comments about how much larger I am these days...it is only going to get worse. Again (he he he).

Despite my change in shape- I know that come sometime next summer, I will be back to normal. Some of these clothes I may actually be able to wear while I maintain my hibernation layers...he he he. (if you have no idea why I am he he he-ing...sorry...top secret, classified).

So here are the photos and items. I will update with prices and brands later.

Outfit #1 I almost liked the lace skirt and was going to keep it but my husband said no way- he didn't like how wide it made me look. I can't really tell how wide it makes me in the photo but I will trust him since he has way better fashion sense than I do. The belt and shirt seem like good staples so I will keep them.
Lace skirt, tan belt, denim shirt. 
Blue blouse Skirt from previous box

 Outfit #2- a blue blouse that would look nice if I were wearing a bra and ironed it. I am not entirely sure what to wear it with just yet but I will figure it out. Seems like a nice staple shirt. The skirt came from box #4.

Item #3- striped sweater. This is a really super duper comfy sweater. It is light but warm and I want to keep it...but Stephen wasn't a fan. I do kind of look like my dad in the photo...not that this is a bad thing but we'll see. I need to think about it. What do you think? It may actually be a sweater I can wear through the winter despite any changes in shape I may experience. (wink wink).

Striped sweater
Navy dress, tan belt. 
Item #4- navy dress, thin tan/mustard belt. I love this dress and am keeping it. It has some fun strap stuff going on in the back. I am wearing a super tight bandeau that is definitely not flattering in this photo...not the dress' fault. 
Alternative Apparel tank
Item #5 Alternative Apparel tank- you know I am keeping this one. I love this brand. I would probably buy everything they made if it weren't exceptionally thin and easy to snag...but this one matches my favorite flowy brown skirt so I'm keeping it.

Item #6 and #7 (two photos) a simple white shirt. I think it is a wee bit tight in the armpits-but maybe I can have it let out. I really like the material and the overall fit...especially since it does not have a collar. Thinking I'm keeping that. And that really colorful scarf is so cute! I still have no idea how to wear a scarf. If I keep this one- it will mean I have two and I have got to start wearing them!