Thursday, March 14, 2013

48 days....

Holy ravioli- living in a hotel has made me crazy...and both my children too!

Last night I started labeling the polka dots on the ugly couch as things we have done since leaving our house Jan 30...technically we started sleeping in a strange bed on Jan 25.

Here's my list:
Jan 25-Jan 29 we slept at a friend's house while emptying out our house and attempting to maintain our normal routine of school and dance.

Jan 30 we entered the vessel that would contain us for 102 hours and 4308 miles.

Day 1 Blog Post
Day 2 Post
Day 3-5 Post
Day 6 & 7 Post

Fell off the grid...teething Ainsley returned!

Day 11 Post
Day 16 Post

And here we are at day 48...

Thank God Washington is so freaking amazing! You would think that after having seen Big Sur, Point Mugu, staying on the Monterey Peninsula, lunching at a beautiful creek in San Luis Obispo and viewing numerous other places from a van with a screaming child, that hanging out in a regular place like Washington would not be so cool. But it is! And that is the only thing keeping me going. I'm setting my mind to taking the rest of our hotel time to explore the nooks and crannies of this area so that when we move in we can just LIVE. Just...set down the couch, hang up some curtains and LIVE. I have drawn a diagram of the house and have penciled in where the movers can put our stuff. I have also drawn a picture of our homeschool room. I pick up garden boxes next week from a local Boy Scout group who is making them for a fundraiser. We planted our starter seeds according to
This is the Ainsley we picked up somewhere in Oklahoma

Making our own path at Point Defiance near red tape

Since arriving in Washington these are the things we have done: hiked at Point Defiance park, joined the zoo, joined the children's museum, drove to the Olympic Peninsula, took a ferry to south Seattle, walked Lincoln park in Seattle, visited downtown Seattle including the Pike Place Market and have managed to visit most of the popular kid places in town!

Do I sound crazy yet? I feel it. Both of my kids are crazy now too...which makes me crazier. I can't decide if sitting in the hotel for a few days and letting everyone cry is better than go-go-going all over the place. I tried a little of both this week and the results were terrible in both instances. Here's to 16 more nights in the hotel!