Sunday, November 4, 2012

Tog + Porter Box...5?

I've lost track of how many boxes I have received...I think this one is number five!

This box came the morning before our double birthday party for the girls. It was really hard not to open it and check it out so I peeked. This is what I saw.

I didn't have time to try anything on at the moment. I did smell an absolutely crazy plastic smell coming from the box. A few hours later a friend was over and insisted I figure out what it was! It was the boots! I did try them on but I wouldn't buy them based on the smell alone. Luckily- they are far too tight anyway. They were pretty cute but my husband bought me a pair of Merrell boots for Christmas...a bit early.

Item #1 Silver ZigZag Necklace 
Item #1 "Rachel Rider2 Boots" $89 I couldn't figure out what brand they were or what material. I didn't look too terribly hard as the smell was really strong. I'm guessing they are synthetic. They were low heel and really high up the lower leg. I may have liked them.

Item #2 Silver ZigZag Necklace $27 I didn't really put this on with anything but I love it so I will keep it. You can see it in this box photo to the left. It is nice and long.

Item #3 Opera Skinny Belt in Purple $21 paired with my white tunic from Alternative Apparel from Box 4 and some Textured Leggings $26 I love the leggings! They are thick and soft. I'm not sure what I have to wear them with just yet but I am sure they are a "go to" piece for fall and winter. I just threw them on with the tunic and the skinny belt and my boots. I have no idea if this is what I am to do with them. I will find out when I Skype with my stylist.
Items 3 and 4 Belt and Leggings
Item 5 Chevron Belt
Item #5 Chevron Waist Belt $21 I have no idea how to wear this one yet. It looks like it may match some of the other pieces I have purchased but I will have to learn how to wear it.

Item #6 Press Elbow Patch Sweater in Moss $83, Item #7 Nine PLanet Skinny in Bordo $69 and Item #8 Bauble necklace in dark green $27 

This is my favorite look so far from all my boxes--closely rivaling the maxi dress from Box 3  The only bad part- is that I am totally squeezed into those skinny pants...and not in a comfortable way! I'm hoping to figure out my size in these and get some in various colors. I have not found a skinny pant that wasn't extremely short in length or extremely long- these are *just right*. They are more low rise than I like to there is a chance that even in the next size up these wont be a flattering cut...but we shall see. I forgot to take a photo of the cute elbow patches! There is also a nice little detail stitching in the center on the chest- so it isn't the plain manly sweater it looks to be in the photo. The bauble necklace is gold and green- I don't love gold but I think it will help dress up this sweater and possibly others that I already own...have to ask Emily what colors to wear it with!

This is my last box until at least January. I am going to go cry now because I LOVE this service.

Hope you all tune in at the start of 2013...

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Moving, Moving, Moving

I hate moving. I know everyone probably does, but I have serious issues with it. We moved far too many times when I was a kid and it really stunk. I was always the new girl and we always moved just as I was finding friends and feeling normal. Looking back, I can hardly remember where we lived and when...I have to list it going from current day backwards. I do remember crying myself to sleep the first night after school ended or in the car on the road to the next place we were living. It doesn't take much to remember exactly how I felt in those moments.

After high school I moved in and out of houses during college and graduate school--but I pretty much stayed around the same group of friends. Some of them moved away about the time that I "settled down" with marriage and a baby. That was tough. It was even tougher packing up and leaving my first official home...the one where my husband and both of our children lived.

Despite hating the town we live in now--I am not looking forward to moving this winter. I have made some friends that I enjoy but my biggest concern is how my oldest Munchkin is going to handle it all. I have yet to tell her we are moving. She still talks about her Iowa friends like we are going to see them randomly at the park some Saturday morning...and it just breaks my heart. Only in the recent few months have we really established a good group of friends for her here in North Carolina. And here we are...preparing to move. I'm putting my kids into a position that I hated the most from my own childhood. I know we have this move and at least one more before we will be able to settle down again.   This move is for all good reasons and actually to an area we will likely enjoy more than where we are now. I just don't want my Munchkin to be the new girl and I don't want her to miss her friends. I really hope she is too young to feel the feelings I recall having but I don't think that will be the case. She has such a big heart and picks certain people that she never lets go of...and boy does she have a memory! She still thinks her Iowa friend's house is just behind the gas station here and she expects to see her two adult friends at church...she really wants to know why they don't come anymore! Now that she's older, I'm sure her logic is going to make a big difference in how this change impacts her. I'm praying for strength in maintaining my composure in helping her through this process. I hope to keep it positive for her as we really will enjoy the new location.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tog+Porter #4 Yay for Fall!

Can I tell you a secret? When I get my Tog+Porter box I let nothing get in the way of opening it. Seriously- I burned oatmeal rummaging through this box...who burns oatmeal? Sadly, I had to wait almost 24 hours to actually try anything on!

We almost didn't have time to take photos this weekend so I apologize for looking like I just woke up--but I had just woken up and is pretty obvious. :)

Overall this was a great box. I don't hate anything and besides the jeans, I could see myself wearing all of it. I'm mulling over the rust tunic and the belted sweater--so weigh in heavily on those! This may be my last box until we get settled in Virginia in December. Maybe...I may try to squeeze one more in between now and then since it IS fall and I do need to replace my maternity fall clothes with normal clothes.
Items 1, 2 and 3. 
Item #4 and #5

I'm keeping everything from this look--Items: #1 Girly Solid Scarf Dark Teal $19, #2 Alternative Apparel Diane V Tunic $39, #3 Downeast Basics Long Love Maxi $43 (I have the black one that looks just like this from box #1). 

 I have no idea how to wear a scarf...the funny look on my face was because Stephen was giving me a hard time. He could not figure out why it was so hard to put on a scarf. The skirt can be worn as a dress--I think? It has the bandeau top thing so I wear the black one like that. I have been wanting a teal scarf so I'm happy one arrived. The t-shirt is pretty basic but it has a little bit of detail in it. I like the fabric and obviously this is one of my favorite brands Tog+Porter has been sending me.

Item #4 Downeast Basics Coming Home Tunic $42 and #5 Level99 Chloe Boot Cut Reign $119. 
There is something about this tunic. I like putting it on and feeling like I can bend over and not worry about my shirt going up or my nursing pads flying out. But, my husband says he hates the color on me and the print and the cut. So what do you all think? I'm wondering if this thing is to be worn with leggings and/or a belt? I paired it with the jeans Emily sent to try. The jeans are a definite no. They don't pass the bend over test. They are not super low rise but they are low enough that I would be worrying about crack exposure. Also, the rise doesn't flatter my postpartum body. So sad, because they do flatter my bum (not pictured).

Item #6 
Item #6 Downeast Basics Day Sweater $53 paired with the same t-shirt and jeans from above. I really wanted to love this one. It is the belted sweater I have been waiting for BUT it has 3/4 length sleeves that are slightly oversized. They are supposed to be...kind of flowy or something. They also have a hood and pockets. I love the way it feels--it is very lightweight and it has an awesome button in the back to keep the belt attached. I'm sure I would wear it if I kept it but I would still be on the look out for *the* belted sweater that I am dreaming of. Also, we are moving to a place that has a real winter so I need the other 1/4 of a sleeve! This would be the best sweater for North Carolina though!
Side view

Item #7 

Item #7 Splendid Thermal Maxi $98 This item is super soft and feels good to wear. I'm not so sure about the darkness of it as I am tan now (for me) and will be ghostly white in a month or two. My husband doesn't like it because of the color and he said I for sure need a necklace or else I look like I'm wearing pajamas. This one is looking like a no...what do you think? 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

StitchFix #4--Oops, I did it again?

Somehow a 4th Fix arrived. I guess I didn't cancel appropriately or something--but I thought it was a "click to order" program.

Oh well, I actually found a few things I may keep!

Let me know what you think!

Item #1 MM Couture Dress: Day to night Lani One Shoulder Mosaic Dress $95. I kind of like this one but what do you think about it as far as being my style?

Item #1
Item #2
Item #2 Viereck Dress: Cocktail Dress Moretti Flutter Sleeve Layer Dress $132
Boy this one is fun to put on and for about 10 seconds I felt super hot...even with the extra flappy stuff going on. I am wearing shorts in this just because I'm not tan...I think with tights I could actually wear this short thing! But I'm not keeping it--I don't really have any cocktail parties to attend.
Item #2 Another view
Item #3

 Item #3 Tulle Top: Cami/Tank Raleigh Double layer printed tank $50 Same brand as a top I kept from my Tog+Porter box. I think I may keep it- what do you think? They also sent a Item #4 Tulle bandeau that I LOVE. I have been needing a strapless/racerback option and I really found this one affordable and comfortable for $30. No picture of course! Tulle is a designer I may have to go find and see what else I may like!
Item #5

Item #5 Lucca Couture Top: Sweater Kiernan Long Sleeve Loose Sweater $75. I realize this is supposed to be loose but I feel like it is super wide and awkward to wear. It fits like a football jersey. Perhaps if it were mulleted or something I'd like it. I also don't like the pattern. Ick...

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tog+Porter Box 3

After three boxes with Tog+Porter, I can honestly say that I love this service! I have picked up several great pieces and this recent box is no exception. I do need more help in completing my outfits though so I am looking forward to talking to Emily, my stylist, about what I need to buy to make the pieces I now own wearable.

Outfit One: Tulle Party Tank in Garden Print $55, my own Gap jeans and TOMS Wedge in Black $69.  I really like the tank. It is more flowery than I would normally choose for myself but it is comfortable and it seems like it is really well made. The TOMS are too big. I'm so sad. Either I have two very differently sized feet or TOMS just isn't the shoe for me. 
Outfit One 

Outfit Two
Outfit Two: Kersh Racerback Tank $39, my Gap jeans and the TOMS wedges. The tank is a little big but it is 100% cotton so I think I'm going to keep it. It is nice and long and I really like Kersh. 
Outfit Three Front

Outfit Four

Outfit Three: Level99 Beatrix Cuff Short Mauve $79, my Gap tank. I was really happy to try on some shorts that were long enough that I would actually wear them. The mauve was confusing for me but I am sure I could clear that up with Emily on what to wear with them. However, looking at myself in the photo--I know why I like these--they remind me of my maternity shorts that I have been wearing for almost 4 years. I'm not so sure I like the bunchy waist...what do you think? 

Outfit Four: Alternative Apparel Racerback Maxi Dress in Grey $68. Ok so we know I am in love with this dress. My husband loves how it fits me but he simply hates this color of grey on me. He said it needs to be solid grey and not the flecked grey or a different color entirely because it doesn't do anything for me. Thoughts? 
Outfit Three Back

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Not An Addict

I'm pretty sure I started "stealing" my mother's coffee around the age of 8...possibly earlier but I have vivid memories of pouring milk and sugar into her extra black coffee when she went off to work. I even figured out how to turn the burner back on to heat it up. Yep...pretty young. (By the way, that warning that coffee can stunt your growth- I'm not sure I buy it since I'm a healthy 5 foot 7 and 3/4 inches tall.)

I worked at a coffee shop in college--both on campus as a volunteer for the chapel coffee shop and for pay off campus. I won several coffee makers over the course of college and grad school (no seriously, WON coffee makers...several types including a $700 espresso maker from Starbucks). In the past few months I have been sent a free Keurig Vue plus tons of Vue-packs and an additional package of coffee pods to try and review.

So yeah- my life has been intertwined with coffee for a long, long time. And every time I try to give it up it comes after me, coffee is thrown at me!

In 2009 my friend Sheree Clark of Fork in the Road told me to get off coffee. I tried a few things like Yerba Mate and Teachino but nothing seemed as indulgent as my daily cup. In 2011 my husband and I agreed to add one healthy thing or subtract one unhealthy thing from our lives each month. In January of 2012 we started green smoothies/juices every morning (that is going strong, BTW). In February we dropped our meat consumption from 4-5 times a week to purchasing no more than 3 servings of meat per week and dividing those up to fulfill meals for 7 days (breakfast, lunch and dinner). In March we dropped our cheese consumption down by half. In April we started the long and daunting task of ridding ourselves of coffee. (About 3 weeks into it, I was sent the Keurig Vue to share with my friends...and boy did they send a LOT of coffee). Here it is the second week of July and we are just finally putting this "monthly" goal to bed.

Why give up coffee? Well, originally we just wanted to cut back to a normal sized cup per day but the more negative effects we felt of going without coffee the more we realized how bad for us it was! If *not* having something makes us feel so awful- how can it actually be good for us? It just can't. I know that coffee is said to contain more antioxidants than any other "food" but.... there are plenty of people who don't drink coffee so I don't believe it is a necessity.

My head hurts. I can't keep my eyes open. I want to stab everything that makes a loud noise (and yes, that includes my children). I am a very, very ugly monster right now. I'm looking forward to the end of this bender. No matter the minor health benefits of drinking coffee....drinking it daily is NOT healthy. I don't care what expert tries to sell you otherwise. Nothing that is that healthy or good for you makes you feel like this when you stop drinking it. NOTHING!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

StitchFix 3rd and Final Box

Well third time was not the charm... StitchFix and I are parting ways. While the third box is not as "entertaining" as my second the pieces still aren't want I am looking for and...I am much happier with the overall service, quality of pieces and the style being sent to me by Tog+Porter.

I can say that StitchFix was fun...and I know several of my friends still giggle when they see me because they can't stop picturing me in that hot pink romper.

Not pictured are the By Boe Wavy double ring earrings $50. Super cute- just too dangly for me and I have nothing to wear with them! :)

Item #1 Pink Martini Cotten Flora dress $85. I'm not going to lie, this thing is incredibly comfortable. And I'm sure that I have a few friends who would look awesome in it. Every time I put it on Ainsley hugs it. Very tempting- I'd actually buy it if it had anything other than flowers all over it- like horses, cats even. Just something about the true-to-life flowers just don't mesh with me. Or am I wrong?
Item #1 Pink Martini Cotton dress

Item #2 Everly Hi-lo tank

Item #2 Everly~Livia Sheer Tie front hi-lo tank $38 I LOVE green. I don't care if it is my color or not- I love green. I even like the little tie part of this weird shirt but I don't love the shirt enough to keep it.
Item #3 Aryn K Audra Sleeveless Silk
 Item #3 Aryn K. Audra sleeveless silk blouse $86. Eh..probably the most entertaining pick of the bunch. The underarm holes are huge so it is a nice and airy shirt. Just not a fan of the super dark and loud colors. I may have considered it if it were lighter- even bright orange with tan or something- just not the dark on dark colors.

Item #4 Elan Ballet Cardigan
Item #4 Elan, Kara Ballet Cardigan $60. It is a good thing I'm a professional baby-wearer or else I may not have known how to tie this thing on. It is really fun- and I paired it with the black skirt/dress I purchased from Tog+Porter just to see what it looked like. I think I like it enough to buy it but I think it is not something I'd pick out to wear because after holding one of my girls- I'd probably have to untie and retie it.
Another variation. 

Almost supportive enough to wear her.
Someone likes this cardigan!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tog+Porter: Second Box!

Last month I received (and shared) my first box of clothes from Tog+Porter. I'm quite surprised that my blog post about clothes drew more interest than my many other posts about babies, breastfeeding, cloth diapers and all those other extremely exciting and addicting topics! I've even had strangers ask me when I will post the next box review as they are "on the fence" about trying Tog+Porter. Well, I can honestly say that I would encourage every woman to give it a shot! You won't be disappointed. Even if you receive a few pieces that aren't quite your style--the stylists (especially mine, Emily) listen to your likes and dislikes. I can attest to this *not* being true of other styling services. (BTW, I am in no way compensated for raving about Tog+Porter, I signed up and am an ordinary happy customer).

On to the fun stuff. This box was just as fun to try on as the previous box but the items weren't entirely right for me. I would have to say the style was almost 100% on target for me but there are some things about the pieces that may make me send them back. I am not at all discouraged because I know I'll get professional feedback before I make my keep/return decision. And...there is always the next box.

Outfit One: Dainel Rainn Cap Sleeve in Navy $69, my own Express skirt that is too big. I have almost this exact shirt from Banana Republic (from 2009) so I won't be keeping this one. I think the style is OK. Maybe a little more business-like than I need. I tried it with jeans and the shirt actually looked really big in the middle-section. We'll see what Emily says when we Skype. 

Item #1 Daniel Rainn Cap Sleeve
Item #2 Blu Pepper Button Shoulder Top

Item #3 Kersh Racerback Maxi
Item #2 Blu Pepper Button Shoulder Top in Royal $49, plus my own Gap jeans. Hmm. I kind of like this one in photos but it is see through. That equates to high-maintenance to me. I'll have to get some advice on what to wear under it. I own hardly any jewelry but what I do have is silver- so the gold buttons will throw me off. What do you think? I'm leaning towards not keeping it.

Item #3 Kersh Racerback Maxi dress in Khaki $69. This piece was sent to me because I loved this dress but not the color. I love the color of the Kersh dress but you can see every. single. mark. crease, fold. imperfection. on my body. It is pretty loose up top and a bit snug through the middle and hips. It is a no. But Kersh is a designer I have not heard of but enjoyed browsing other items that I may add to my wish list! So I still consider the dress a win even though I'm sending it back. 

Items #4 and #5 Alternative Apparel Tanks
Items #4 and #5 Alternative Apparel Gauze Basic Tank in Navy (on top) and Fog $27 each) paired with the dress/skirt I bought from my last box.. I absolutely love Alternative Apparel and I can thank Tog+Porter for introducing me to them. The maxi dress I raved about in my first box comes from this designer too. The fabric is so soft...but it is polyester blend with cotton. Even though I layered the tanks they are still really see through...and they made it glaringly obvious that my nursing bras are on their last leg. (And maybe it is time for some help through True&Co) I normally don't like anything navy but I do like this one. I'm going to need professional advice on these tanks before I decide whether or not to keep them.

Items 6, 7 and 8 Naked Zebra Open Collar Sleeveless shirt in Emerald $49, TOMS Wedge in Black $69 and Bauble Necklace in Gray (plus gold) $32, my own Gap jeans. I love the color of this shirt. It is see through and it is that "high-low" (ahem, mullet) thing. If we can figure out the see through part I may keep it but I also felt like it may not be a flattering cut?? We will have to see what the professional says. The necklace would be awesome- if it were not gold. And I'm holding the TOMS because I simply can't get my feet into them- I think they may be 1.5 sizes too small. I think they are really cute so I may be hunting them down in my size.
Items #6, #7 & #8

I have heard a few of you say you are planning on trying out Tog+Porter. Please share photos when you do! I definitely look for other photos/reviews every week to get an idea of what others are doing with their pieces.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Stitch Fix: Box 2

While waiting for my Tog+Porter box to arrive, I did some Google searches to find out what other clients received. I found many great posts with one or two photos of cute items...making me so incredibly excited I just couldn't wait! In my searches I found StitchFix This styling service charges $20 and sends you a box of items in your size. This service appears to be monthly but there isn't a recurring charge--you just "get my Fix" by requesting a box. You are out your $20 but it is applied as credit toward the purchase of the items you were sent. They also give you 25% off if you buy all 5 items. This can work out to be an awesome deal if you like your items!

When I first signed up I was put on a waiting list. This didn't last too long, maybe a day or two, and then I got my "invite". I completed a brief survey of what I was looking for- complete with comparison photos of different looks to like or dislike. Then my box was shipped! Super fast...mostly automated.

My first box was full of....strange pieces. I tried them on, took some bad photos with my phone and sent it all back. I emailed my stylist to ask some questions before sending the box back. There was one dress that I really liked but I wasn't sure if I needed a smaller size or if the cut was supposed to look the way that it did. I have yet to receive a I mailed my items back in a prepaid labeled pouch.

I requested my second box and just received it. I had my husband take photos...for fun. There was not a single piece in this box that I would even walk out of the house in. I am totally not confident in StitchFix's interest in actually matching me with the right look. I'm a little addicted so I am going to try ONE more time. I really want it to work out. I have seen many videos/blogs of women who get pieces that I would wear. This box...was comical. Feel free to have a laugh at me in my "fetish jumper" as my husband calls it. And yes, I realize you can see my bra through the shirt...oops.

Be sure to tell me what you think! For your entertainment...

Outfit One: Fluxus Zora Scoop Jersey Sleeveless top $60, Frenzii Leonie Jersey short skirt $44. The fabrics were nice...very soft. The shirt was cut funny for me and the skirt was just too short and reminded me of wearing an over-sized men's shirt. Not my style but this was the best out of the box for me.

Outfit One
Outfit One

Outfit Two: Same skirt as above (I have nothing in my closet to go with this rowdy piece). That is pretty ugly. I'm not sure I am cool enough to pull it off. Aryn K Della Cutout Back Tribal Tank $55. 
Outfit Two
Outfit Two

 Outfit Three: The "Fetish jumper", as we call it around the house. DV by Dolce Vita Piper Button Down Romper $121OK so I will be honest- it doesn't look as awful in photos as it does in person- and well, I am not sure I could walk around in this and not giggle hysterically. I definitely think it would look super hot on the right person...but I am not the right person.
Third Outfit
Third Outfit
Outfit Four: Lucca Coutour Tilda Hi-lo Racerback dress $102. There are so many weird things about this dress. It looks harmless on. It has a nasty polyester feel to the outer layer- like my grandma's head scarves. Then inside it has a soft jersey gray my work out shirts and then an industrial strength zipper in the back. Just weird...and pointless...someone with serious fashion sense probably understands this piece and will hate me for my critique...but hey...I'm a mom looking for some sensible clothes!

Outfit Four-the jersey

Outfit Four

Outfit Four

Tog+Porter: First Box!

Somehow the genetic code for putting an outfit together escaped me. No really...if ever you have seen me and thought that I looked fashionable or at least put together...I promise you that was an accident or...pure luck??? A few months ago I reached my "pre pregnancy" weight and then lost a few more pounds. I mostly blame the children (lovingly blame them) for this accident. Sadly, I sold all of my favorite "skinny" clothes wayyyy back thinking that I would never, ever be "that small" again. Oh well...they were probably too flashy for my new mom style anyway.

For months now my husband and I have been trying to find ways for me to not only shop but also BUY something! I truly have an empty closet. Lots of people say they have "no clothes" but I'm not generalizing. I have nothing but a few ribbed tank tops and some summer nursing shirts. I'll gladly wear those, but my husband is not so keen on me wearing a ribbed tank top with a yoga skirt to a nice restaurant. Oops, another fashion don't for me. 

Enter Tog+Porter. Long story short- but I basically found this amazing service when I read about Eco Emi, a natural product sample box subscription. At first, I didn't think there was any reason someone like me would use such a service because that would mean buying clothes that were not on a clearance rack at Target. However, after 3 attempts at making my clearance finds into outfits I decided that being frugal just wasn't working. If I kept all my cheap clothes, I would fill the hole in my closet but I still would not have anything to wear. There is just something about paying for a cute shirt that costs $39. I mean, if I did take that shirt home, what would I wear it with? That $39 shirt would turn into a $90 pair of pants and an expensive pair of shoes...would it not? Yeah...that wasn't going to work for me...and besides, I can't even spend an hour in the store trying on clothes if I wanted to.

What is Tog+Porter? Well, other than the best service a mom could dream is a styling service. I completed a survey of my preferences, submitted my credit card information (for a deposit of $110) and waited. It was pretty soon afterwards that I was contacted by a stylist. We scheduled a Skype appointment and she really grilled me on my preferences and my empty closet. A few weeks later and my first box arrived! Now the rest of the skinny on the service- I get to buy any of the pieces that I like and send back (with prepaid label) anything I don't. I will meet with my stylist tonight to go over my box and get more styling help. I'll let you know how that goes.

On to the fun are the NINE pieces found in my box. I must say, she did a fantastic job finding pieces that fit my style.

**One thing I will point out...obviously I could spend lots of time finding the pieces I want to buy online and probably for less. However, the styling service is free, so I feel like it is fair to purchase the pieces directly from Tog+Porter and then track down the designers to find more wait...not only do I get some great pieces but I also learn of new designers that fit my style...nice.

**Other fact- while some of the pieces may cost more than I would *like* to spend...I have spent so much time, cumulatively, shopping and buying NOTHING that I love. me, it is worth it to spend a bit more per piece. Before kids, I didn't think twice about buying a $59 shirt in every color at my favorite why are things any different now?

Outfit One
Outfit One: DownEast Cap sleeve tee $29, Alternate Apparel Indio Skirt- Indian Wells $53 and Sam Edelman Gigi Almond Patent Sandals $49. The fabrics in this outfit are right up my alley. The sandals are cute but the style doesn't really stay on my foot real well. So far, I think I'm keeping the shirt and skirt and I'm going to DownEast's website to buy a few more of the shirts in other colors.
Outfit Two

Outfit two: Alternative Apparel Racerback Maxi Dress- Eco Rust $59. I LOVE this dress, the fabric and the fact that it is fairly eco-friendly. It feels like NOTHING. My husband says, "Absolutely not" on the color. I think it looks OK in photos. I'm going to see what my stylist thinks...but I have already scoped it out in a plum, a greenish and a gray I think I may be sending the rust back but picking up a color that is better for me. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress on. I don't care if you don't think it is flattering...I feel naked and wonderful in it and that is all that matters.

Outfit Three
Outfit Three
Outfit Three

Outfit three: Potters Hi Low Button Down shirt $59, Splended V-neck t-shirt $49 and Level 99 Lily Straight Wheat capri/pants $98. Um all three pieces in this outfit. I just threw those shoes on for fun...sorry if I ruined the outfit with them (Fashion illiterate, remember). The photo makes it look like a decent outfit but the pants have so much room and are so stretchy that I could put a couch pillow in the front and the back and you can actually see the extra room when I walk. I'm not a fan of the hi/low shirt- plus it made me hot just putting it on. The t-shirt isn't a good cut for me either. Bummer...but it was fun to try on!

Outfit Four
Outfit four: Downeast Maxi Skirt $49 I think this is a skirt and a strapless dress...if not...oops. It has bunching so I think it can be worn as a dress. I like this one but I'm not so sure on the fabric. It feels a little too much like swim suit material...and I just think that will be hot. I'll be asking my stylist if this is "fancy" or can be fancy because I may keep it for special occasions. It looks fancier in the photo but I think it seems more casual fabric-wise in person. Again...those shoes are totally not right for the dress but I have had them for years.

Outfit Five
Outfit five: Downeast Two Tone Skirt- Spa Blue $49. (My own organic shirt...I have no other white shirts...and those stink in' black shoes again!). LOVE this skirt. I love the blue plus gray and white. I can't wait to find out what type of shirt to put with this skirt! Definitely keeping this one. Perfect length, nice airy fabric...LOVE the skirt.

OK so tell me what you think- be honest!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Smarterer Bzz Campaign

I love BzzAgent...I really do. I think work of mouth marketing is THE way to go. I prefer to try new products that people I know (even if it is just a blogger I "know") have tried. If I like a person's style I am likely to find their opinion to be spot on with my own.

I recently jointed a BzzCampaign for Smarterer...essentially a quiz website. It was fun the first time I took the quiz but that was about all. I think I'm too old to care what my status is for taking quizzes... but I could see others enjoying this.

For now- I will relinquish my top-tier status as BzzAgent Smarterer and waste my time in other reading blogs about awesome natural products or checking status updates on Facebook.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Um Happy New Year?

This has to be the longest I have gone without a post. It is kind of funny... I don't check my stats or anything and I think I have zero "official" followers but in the past month or so I have had SIX..yes, SIX emails from readers asking me if I was OK. HA. I'm cool...

We have been very busy though. I haven't really stuck with making or adhering to New Year's resolutions BUT this year my husband and I actually created an awesome plan together. It is pretty complex but it incorporates CleanMama's super simple cleaning guidelines and 52 Small Bites simple living/organization.

For the month of January we have focused on having a green juice or smoothie every morning. So far we have only missed 2 mornings! We have also increased the green factor and decreased the fruits--making the juice/smoothie even healthier. My husband is still a bit fixated on protein so I do add a dollop of yogurt for him but lately I have been able to slip him a smoothie without it and he doesn't notice. I put in hemp seeds that I run through a coffee grinder instead.

In February we plan to end our coffee addiction. We have already started the process and have cut back quite a bit. Currently we each get 1 of our Bodem mugs full a day- which is probably more like 2 true cups. We calculated that we spend about $150 on super pure awesome coffee beans and then we add this horrible (but so yummy) Coffeemate Creamer. So they both have to go!

We just recently decided that in March we will end our addiction to cheese. We've been 90% cows milk free for over a year but the cheese is SO hard to give up. I have picked up YumUniverse's Dairy Free e-book. I'm looking forward to experimenting!

Well there you have it, my not-so-exciting first post of 2012.

Happy New Year!