Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Um Happy New Year?

This has to be the longest I have gone without a post. It is kind of funny... I don't check my stats or anything and I think I have zero "official" followers but in the past month or so I have had SIX..yes, SIX emails from readers asking me if I was OK. HA. I'm cool...

We have been very busy though. I haven't really stuck with making or adhering to New Year's resolutions BUT this year my husband and I actually created an awesome plan together. It is pretty complex but it incorporates CleanMama's super simple cleaning guidelines and 52 Small Bites simple living/organization.

For the month of January we have focused on having a green juice or smoothie every morning. So far we have only missed 2 mornings! We have also increased the green factor and decreased the fruits--making the juice/smoothie even healthier. My husband is still a bit fixated on protein so I do add a dollop of yogurt for him but lately I have been able to slip him a smoothie without it and he doesn't notice. I put in hemp seeds that I run through a coffee grinder instead.

In February we plan to end our coffee addiction. We have already started the process and have cut back quite a bit. Currently we each get 1 of our Bodem mugs full a day- which is probably more like 2 true cups. We calculated that we spend about $150 on super pure awesome coffee beans and then we add this horrible (but so yummy) Coffeemate Creamer. So they both have to go!

We just recently decided that in March we will end our addiction to cheese. We've been 90% cows milk free for over a year but the cheese is SO hard to give up. I have picked up YumUniverse's Dairy Free e-book. I'm looking forward to experimenting!

Well there you have it, my not-so-exciting first post of 2012.

Happy New Year!