Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Whatever happened to loyalty?

First of all, check out my cute little Frenchie Brock in his kimono! 

I have been taking care of this little pup all by myself for about 19 weeks now. (He was 8 weeks when I got him). I spoil the heck out of him. He has his own MATCHING basket in the living room for all of his toys, he has a dresser drawer of clothes and extra chew treats, he has several different shirts and sweaters, he has 4 beds and gets to go for 3 walks a day. I am his sole provider, spoiler and companion. This is all true until my husband comes home for the weekend. All he does is rough house with him and take him for his walks...and sometimes remembers to feed him. WHY oh WHY does my little dog like him so much better than me? 

See the second picture- that is Brock in MY bed...sleeping on MY pregnancy pillow. Only my husband would let him sleep there. 

Anyway- the point of the loyalty thing is this...recently we have been trusting Brock to sleep in one of his (4) beds next to our bed. Normally he goes in his kennel because he is only 27 weeks old and you just never know! It worked out fine this weekend. His bed was on my husband's side of the bed so he could check on him throughout the night. Brock never moved until about 7:30am. 

Well my husband went home for the week and I moved Brock's bed to my side so I could watch him. 

What did he do last night? He DRUG his bed all the way over to Stephen's side and got in it and started snoring. What gives? 

I thought dog's were the best LOYAL companion in the world. Whatever...maybe I should forget to feed him once in a while to see if he realizes how much he needs me!?!?! 

Just kidding...I could never do that...I'm too good at spoiling him even though he doesn't spoil me back.