Friday, December 12, 2008

Good people never realize they are good huh?

So I've been frustrated for a while now about this "issue" my husband is struggling with. Nearly every week he gets into a really bad mood by Thursday/Friday. He is really struggling with the transition to being in Iowa. I feel awful for him. He basically can't stand the fact that he went from having a great paying job with a lot of responsibilities to being a "helper" here in Iowa. No matter how much I tell him its temporary or remind him that NO ONE gives up what he gave up in order to take care of his future child. I mean seriously- his former employer didn't even believe him when he told them he was leaving his job for NO JOB just to make sure that I had someone nearby to take care of me as our due date got nearer. People don't do why does he feel like he didn't work hard enough? 

It makes me feel so bad because I can't say or do anything to make him feel better. I wish he would realize what a great person he is for giving up all that he has but it isn't enough for him...he wants to do MORE for his family. I don't know what more he could do! 

Anyway- I know that his situation is temporary and eventually he will either get a job he likes or start grad school but in the meantime I wish he could find happiness in this crazy situation that we are in at the moment. He doesn't deserve to be unhappy right now!