Thursday, October 22, 2009


Germs and nasty weather! Yick! I was always an easily grossed out person but now...I'm extremely paranoid. I'd be happy to spend the rest of the winter in the house. Stephen and Avery may go crazy doing this but I'd be absolutely fine. I cannot hear anything but sick people coughing and all I see when I look around me at the store are germs. I'm pretty sure I would be fine with people pointing and laughing if I started wearing a mask and a HAZMAT suit. I don't care.

Poor little Avy finally has a real cold and it has been a humdinger. Seriously- it is now day 29 of the nasty little thing. Well, technically she's had one cold after another but they blend together after a while. Now she has the croup cough to go with all that. Luckily she is still a really happy baby. I don't know how we grew to be so fortunate but she still giggles (and then chokes and rubs snot everywhere) all day long.

Check out Avy's Kloakedoke. I'm obsessed with this awesome thing! We put it on a 4 year-old too and it still fit. It was so cute too!