Sunday, January 5, 2014

GAPS: stopping intro!

If you were betting for or against us making through intro...the results are in! We are done. Not because we are done healing either. We are just flat out starving. GAPS die hards can call it die off and detox all they want. The way I felt last night was a step away from death. My kids are eating straight intro and I am supplementing full GAPs foods when they aren't looking. Yet, I was shaking, dry heaving, having burning in my stomach and some spotting with contractions. Not good! Intro would work right now IF we were not also trying to test DD5's offending foods. You simply can't do GAPs intro without at least eggs or kefir. You must have one or the other. Without grains or nuts there is very little to eat between meals or on the go when your kids can't stomach anymore broth or mushy veggies. I know many mamas say their kids come around but this is day 9. They have proven they would rather starve than stomach more of it. And honestly- I feel the same way. Just adding some eggs to something would add more texture. Or having some kefir/yogurt to make creamed soup or something would be more tolerable. And filling!

So for now- we will hover around stage 5-6 and full GAPs. We can't do anything new for 11 more days as far as dairy, eggs and nuts are concerned. I want to be strict with not adding sugar and trying to keep fruit to a minimum. We will keep up with all the other protocols, like broth at every meal and soup once a day. Breakfast is the ultimate challenge because I basically have to cook meat of some sort or else.

We could lock ourselves inside the house for a few more weeks to get through intro but I don't see the point until we complete our naturopath's elimination diet portion first.

While we are pausing on intro we are not giving up yet! Don't let me discourage you either! I have been reading about plenty of success on regular intro... But if you can't do the foods you simply can't keep up with your calories.

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