Tuesday, January 7, 2014

GAPS: Day 11

After making the hard decision to stop into, I reached out to some of my vegan and similar friends who work in health--primarily using food to heal the body. I am somewhat in information overload. My kids were truly starving trying to manage on intro. While I realize healing will take time, sticking with such a restrictive diet just seemed like torture. Part of the issue is that we are also avoiding so many foods that are part of intro. Without those, our food choices are limited. I have been so convinced that vegetarian diets are healthier than carnivore or omnivore diets. After feeding my kids several pounds if extremely clean meat in a day, the remorse set in. I guess I'm just not convinced eating this much animal flesh can be healing. When someone tells me it's harder for the body to digest a green juice than pounds of boiled meat, I can't help but argue.

So for the last two days we have been staying on a Full GAPs approved diet but we have juiced or smoothied twice per day. We tried bone broth soup for lunch both days and filled up on tons of vegan recipes. The kids are finally happy again. Their palates have changed a bit too. They were dipping veggies in freshly blended spicy mustard. They also loved the vegan ranch dressing I made. It tasted nothing like organic Hidden Valley. Yet- they loved it.

10 more days of this and we will test a few of DD5's offending foods and reassess our healing plans. There is no doubt in my mind that she suffers from a leaky gut. It is fairly mild compared to others...at least for now. I don't want to see what happens when it gets worse. She could end up with really debilitating chronic illnesses later on. We may as well work on it now while she's still at home with me and it's easier to monitor her foods.

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